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Wally Kuntz


Hello, my name is Wally Kuntz, the clinical manager of the Sioux City Clark, Kuntz and Associates prosthetic office. I am a native of western North Dakota and the youngest of 11 children. I was fortunate to be raised on a family farm and ranch where I soon learned that I loved working with my hands, building things and helping other people. I also learned the real value of hard work, honesty and a hand shake.

While in college, I started volunteering for a local prosthetic company, a move that would change my life forever. I found a place where I could apply my creativity with my love of problem-solving that would help change other people’s lives significantly. After receiving my bachelor’s degree in Health Care Administration, I continued my education, earning my American Board of Certification in prosthetics. While in Minneapolis, I worked for Winkley Orthopedics, first as a prosthetic technician and later as a staff prosthetist. In 1996, I moved to the Sioux City area where I was entrusted to manage the prosthetic fittings at a new prosthetic office for Dale Clark Prosthetics.
For nearly 25 years, I have proudly introduced many new forms of technology to the tri-state area, such as fitting the first C-leg, I-limb hand, Genium knee and numerous other forms of technology that have proven to provide a higher level of satisfaction, performance and mobility for amputees. After so many years, I still love the tremendous rewards of this industry. Trust me, there is no better feeling than helping people take their first steps, knowing that they will again rebuild their lives and regain their independence.

I feel the two most important parts of receiving any prosthesis is first comfort and second finding a prosthetist who you can connect with who listens to you, understands your life, work and goals. I have seen what can happen when someone doesn’t receive the care and attention they deserve, and it has motivated me in my career to always do my best for those I serve. When you come to my office, I hope you feel that sense of family. When we shake hands, it comes with a promise that we are in this together, we will be honest with each other and work as hard as we can as long as we have to get it right. What do I do for a living as a Certified Prosthetist? It’s simple: I solve problems and help people rebuild their lives and regain their independence through well-fitting prosthetics!

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