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Success Stories

A Family-Centered Approach

At Clark & Associates we strive to create a warm and energetic atmosphere at all of our office locations. Our locally owned, family-centered approach provides our patients a sense of comfort and security that their needs will be met at each visit. It is our intent to provide our patients and caregivers the highest quality of care, using the most appropriate technology, knowing that it will improve the patient’s life every day.


Clark & Associates patient Farhad is living the life he chooses even after a cancerous tumor resulted in the amputation of his right leg. He came to C&A after becoming frustrated with the care he was receiving at another prosthetic provider.  Farhad credits Scott at Clark & Associates with providing him a great fit and the appropriate components to thrive in his active lifestyle.

Boomer Smith

Boomer was born with a deformity in his lower leg that necessitated amputation in order for him to be able to walk. While he admits there are challenges that come with being an amputee, it certainly hasn’t limited him from doing the things he wants to do. Boomer lives a very active lifestyle that includes keeping up with three energetic children.

Chris Domeyer

Chris and his wife, Connie, are not only thankful on Thanksgiving in November, but also on Nov. 17, a day Chris calls his “Celebration of Life.” Seven years ago Chris survived a work accident that took his foot and put his life in jeopardy. Chris and Connie are continuously thankful for every person, known and unknown, who helped save Chris’s life and have helped him through the struggles since.

Dale Hall

Dale Hall’s story as an amputee began at the age of 13 when he lost his right leg above the knee in a farm accident. His initial prosthetic care was done in Iowa City but in 1953 he met Dale Clark, who provided his care until Clark’s retirement in 1995. From 1995 until the present, Andy Steele has worked with Dale. Said Steele, “Dale is one of the best above the knee amputee walkers I have ever worked with.”

Derick Hurt

At Clark & Associates, we count ourselves extremely fortunate to have a working partnership with Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, MD. As many of you may know, some of our staff members have been able to work with members of our armed forces at Walter Reed, helping them recover from injuries they received while serving our country overseas. One of these courageous individuals is Derick Hurt.

Jary Hoskey

On October 14, 1970, Jary became entangled in a grain auger, resulting in his right leg being amputated seven inches below the knee on November 2 in Iowa City. Since the amputation, Jary has worked hard at walking without a limp and being able to do anything non-amputees can do. Some of his largest challenges have been boils and pain and getting used to a new prosthetic leg during the adjustment phase of the process.

Jim Cue

Jim Cue is an avid golfer, and he is an amputee. Following several blood clots in his foot, he decided to have his lower leg amputated. I love working with Clark & Associates, they will do anything they can to help me.

Jordan Greenwood

Jordan’s story began in England where an unfortunate pedestrian/car accident in May 2017 caused Jordan to have his right leg amputated. He came to Clark & Associates because he was in the United States for a wedding. He was having a lot of issues with his previous prosthetic and so he called Clark where he received the help he needed.

Julie Cain

Just 3 days after running in the Bix road race and 4 months after running her 6th half marathon, Julie went in for what she thought would be a routine bunion surgery. And 3 days after that she was airlifted to the University of Iowa Hospitals fighting for her life. After numerous surgeries attempting to remove the flesh-eating bacteria that threatened her life, she underwent skin grafts to cover her entire left leg.

Raymond Nielsen

Clark & Associates patient Raymond Nielsen details his story as a life-long amputee. Since he was a few months old, he has been an amputee and has worn a prosthetic most of his life. He has always committed to being strong and determined in everything he works to accomplish, and when he was 18, he broke a dead-lifting record with his lower limb prosthesis.

Teme Larson

In Ethiopia, Teme was born and raised in a stick and mud hut that included a traditional cooking fire in the center of the floor. When he was six months old, Teme rolled into the fire and severely burned his left leg. Even though he miraculously survived, he was not done suffering the consequences of his injury.

Elizabeth Arnold

Elizabeth Arnold continues to defy all medical odds. Her mother calls her ‘my medical miracle.’ With help from Clark & Associates Prosthetics and Orthotics, the braces are her lifeline so she can live the life she wants. Her mother advises all who may be challenged like Elizabeth is, to continue to ask questions, do your own research, and don’t think that things are impossible. She said, “have patience because there isn’t a playbook for you. Find someone who is willing to listen to you.”

Nick Pease

Clark & Associates patient Nick Pease is a survivor. After a tragic trampoline accident, he was rushed to the hospital with neck and back injuries. His early prognosis included a high probability of a wheelchair for life. Nick’s determination is strong, and his goal was to walk again, even if he has to wear a brace.

Marcus Thurm

Clark & Associates patient Marcus Thurm details the challenges he faced when he received a cancer diagnosis as a middle school teenager. In addition to defeating cancer, Marcus has not let the challenges associated with amputation interfere with his active lifestyle.

Mike Hessenius

Clark & Associates patient Mike Hessenius details his story of how he lives life on his terms following amputation.

Kali Garman

Clark & Associates patient Kali Garman details her story following an accident that resulted in amputation.

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