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From infants to the elderly, Clark & Associates creates and fits custom bracing for a vast variety of conditions. Our experts take the time to discuss functional and lifestyle goals with each patient which helps insure we provide the best solution available on an individual basis. We design and fit orthoses for most parts of the body including spinal orthoses, cervical/neck orthoses, knee orthoses and ankle and foot orthoses. From head to toe, Clark & Associates has you covered for all of your orthotic bracing needs.

Lower limb orthotics

Lower limb orthoses are bracing devices used to manage orthopedic and neurologic effects on the otherwise intact extremities. Lower limb orthoses are used to provide support to a limb, improve alignment, improve function, control motion, reduce falls, provide pain relief, correct deformities, and reduce deformity progression. At Clark & Associates, we strive to create orthotic devices that are lightweight, comfortable and provide the best possible functional outcomes for our patients.

Upper extremity orthotics

Upper extremity orthoses address pathologies of the wrists, elbows, shoulders, and more. Our team of skilled clinicians are experienced at helping patients deal with a wide range of clinical presentations. We discuss patient goals and determine which type of upper extremity orthotic device will best serve the patient’s functional and lifestyle goals .
Below are some of the most common upper extremity orthotic devices we provide.

  • Custom hand/arm orthoses

  • Flexion/extension wrist/hand/finger devices

  • Joint stabilizers & restraints

  • Shoulder immobilizers

  • Wrist/hand splints

  • Cock-up splints

Spinal bracing

There are several reasons for a patient to need a spine brace, including post-operative care, acute injury, chronic pain, instability, degenerative disease or malformation of the spine. Spinal orthoses, which include neck and back braces, are used to support and stabilize and reduce pain through the various regions of the spine.
We custom fit a variety of custom and pre-fabricated spinal orthoses. Examples include:
  • Scoliosis orthoses

  • Lumbosacral orthotics (LSO)

  • Thoraco-lumbosacral orthotics (TLSO)

  • Halo (specific office locations)

  • Cervical Thoracic Orthosis (CTO)

  • Cervical orthoses

  • Back supports

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