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Boomer Smith
Clark & Associates built me a really cool leg, one that I am very proud of. My leg doctor is Andy. He is so patient and really takes time to listen and provide me the very best care.
Kali Garman
Andy provided me the hope and affirmation I needed to move forward after becoming an above the knee amputee. I am doing things I never thought I could do including surfing and skateboarding.
Mike Hessenius
I see Brian at Clark & Associates in Cedar Rapids. Our relationship is one that allows us to talk back and forth which helps insure I get the best possible fit.
Jary Hoskey
I have been with Clark & Associates since I became an amputee in October of 1970. Without Clark & Associates and the technology they have utilized, I wouldn’t be living the very active lifestyle that I do.
Jim Cue
I’ve gone to Clark & Associates for over 10 years and wouldn’t go anywhere else. They are always willing to do everything possible to help me and I really appreciate that.
Jordan Greenwood
I live in the UK but I receive my prosthetic care at Clark & Associates in Dubuque. Working with Ken is great. Anytime I have an issue I can pick up the phone or send an email and Ken provides me prompt answers.
Julie Cain
The Cedar Rapids office bends over backwards for me. I believe I can do anything with Clark & Associates by me side. I am enjoying life!
Derick Hurt
The team at Clark & Associates took care of me at Walter Reed Army Hospital back in 2003. Since then, each time I have needed prosthetic care, I have driven 430 miles to see what I consider the best prosthetic care providers in the country.

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