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    Steve Knebel


    Steve lost his leg in a motorcycle/car accident in 1979.Steve Knebel

    “My goal is to be able to do everything I did before my accident. As long as it’s nice out, I want to be outside. I’m either in the woods, on the water or on the golf course. I like to ice fishing in the winter, mushroom hunting in the spring, and golf and boat in the summer and deer hunt in the fall.”

    Samantha Miller

    Samantha has Spina Bifida Level L5/S1.Samantha Miller

    “My braces make it possible for me to walk. If not, I’d have to be in a wheel chair. I do normal kids stuff like play outside and ride my bike on the bike trails with my dad. We have a bicycle built for two that we like to take. I like to go fishing too.”

    Thad Olmstead


    Thad OlmsteadThad contracted Meningitis of the blood when he was 11 months old. Both legs and most of his fingers were amputated due to the infection.

    “I play softball, and I wanna play football. I wanted to be able to jump, that was my goal. Now, I can jump.”


    Kevin Sprau

    Kevin SprauKevin lost his leg in a farming accident.

    “The ‘C-Leg’ makes it feel like you are walking normally. If you’re walking up a hill it adjusts, so you don’t stumble. I still do everything I did before…I golf, I bowl, I hunt pheasants…play volleyball, baseball.”

    Katherine Martin


    Katherine MartinKatherine Martin story: in 1999, during the Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth, Minnesota, she collapsed and woke up two weeks later with one leg amputated and white hair. She had contracted a Strep A infection that damaged her leg so badly that it had to be amputated.

    “When I got the hightech leg it was like a whole new life opened up for me.”

    l learned to walk, literally, as fast as I could. I mean, I was just motivated to do better, to continue with every facet of my life. It gave me an opportunity, it challenged me. I challenged myself everyday, just to get up, to get moving. Everyday I wake up and say to myself, ’what can I do today?’ Just something real small to make my life better, and to make my life better…it spreads out in to other areas.”

    Albert Valentine


    Albert ValentineAlbert had polio as a child in his left leg. He is now experiencing post polio syndrome and needs the aide of braces to walk comfortably.

    “Clark & Associates gave me a new lease on life…gave me back my mobility. The braces that we’re using now let me get out in the back yard and cut the grass, where as before, I would have been in too much pain.

    The guys at Clark & Associates are so personable and cordial, we do a lot of laughing, but they take care of business. AND, they know their business. They make a person feel at ease.”