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    Pediatric Orthotic

    We help children get back their mobility, and their confidence. We understand their unique needs and fit them with easy to use and effective devices that do not hinder their normal, everyday activities. Whatever kind of pediatric orthotics your child needs, know that we will do whatever it takes to give your child the very best, most compassionate care possible.

    Cranial Remolding

    It is not uncommon for babies to be born with an asymmetric head shape, or to acquire the condition as a result of sleep habits or crib placement. If this condition persists, the child may have something known as positional plagiocephaly. If a child’s head shape has not improved and become reasonably symmetrical by three months of age, experts often recommend corrective intervention.


    Giving children the chance for better mobility allows them the opportunity to experience a wider range of activities and achieve more success in their activities. We work with children and their care teams to ensure that the best solution for the child is reached. We provide orthotic solutions unmatched in quality, fit, and function that are created to meet each child’s individual needs.