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    Kaily Ramage

    Kaily Ramage

    Most of the patients we see have lived parts of their lives – short or long – without the need for a prosthetic or orthotic device. However, in some less common cases, we work with those who haven’t known life without the need for assistance from a brace or prosthesis.

    Kaily Ramage is one such case. While still an unborn child inside of her mother, her doctor noticed she didn’t have a fibula in her left leg, along with a club foot. At five months old, Kaily had an amputation on her left leg.

    At six months old, she received her first prosthesis, followed by a revision at 3 years old. Now, after working with Clark & Associates’ Pat McTaggart in our Dubuque office, Kaily is on her seventh prosthetic leg. However, none of this has put a stop to her level of activity or her dreams. She’s so active that Pat actually had to make a patch for her liners because they get worn down from her playing soccer and T-Ball and doing dance and gymnastics.

    As for her future goals, Kaily has is all figured out. She wants to be a teacher and a baker, as well as get back into gymnastics to work on doing a back flip. She also wants to run faster than the other kids, and also teach her baby brother how to play games.

    With her attitude and the help of Pat, we believe anything is possible for Kaily to achieve!