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    Jordan Greenwood

    Jordan Greenwood


    Jordan’s story began in England where an unfortunate pedestrian/car accident in May 2017 caused Jordan to have his right leg amputated.

    He came to Clark & Associates because he was in the United States for a wedding. He was having a lot of issues with his previous prosthetic and so he called Clark where he received the help he needed.

    Jordan said, “I couldn’t walk without a cane and now I can walk with my new prosthetic, pain-free.” He added, “Working with Clark & Associates has been really good! It’s a lot different working with Clark & Associates here compared to home [England] where you get your leg and that’s. it. If I have any problems, I can pick the phone up, send them an email. Working with Ken has been really good.”

    When Jordan came to Clark & Associates, he shared how he wanted to be active again and his current prosthetic limited his abilities to do so. He wanted to be able to ride a bike or climb a ladder to do useful things around the house. Previously he was employed as a mover and recently served as a fill-in lower limb amputee actor.

    Now he can do everything he used to do, even though it may take him a little longer. Sometimes he has to think of a different way of doing it. “I can walk a lot better and am in the process of learning to run,” Jordan stated. “It’s amazing how this change can open up all the things I use to do.”

    Jordan looks forward to teaching other amputees as a trainer in the gym because as he says, “I have first-hand knowledge on how to work with amputees.”

    Clark & Associates is so proud of Jordan and all of his accomplishments. He is young, vibrant, and willing to help others when needed. At Clark & Associates, we will always be by his side!!!