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    Jary Hoskey

    Jary Hoskey

    Impacting Lives, Through The Game He Loves – Softball.

    Simply put, Jary Hoskey loves playing fast-pitch softball. Cooks love being in the kitchen, artists love having a brush or pencil in their hand, and Jary loves being on a softball diamond. However, an accident back in 1970 almost took away Jary’s ability to play fast-pitch softball at a major level.

    On October 14, 1970, Jary became entangled in a grain auger, resulting in his right leg being amputated seven inches below the knee on November 2 in Iowa City. Since the amputation, Jary has worked hard at walking without a limp and being able to do anything non-amputees can do. Some of his largest challenges have been boils and pain and getting used to a new prosthetic leg during the adjustment phase of the process.

    When Jary came to Clark & Associates, he told the staff about his love of fast-pitch softball. Our team came up with a special leg designed to help Jary compete at a high level.

    “They made a special leg which enables me to play the game I loved so much and run and play as well as the other guys who had two good legs,” Jary said. “With Clark and Associates’ help, I achieved two-time fast-pitch All American status playing against players that have two legs.”

    Jary also shares his love of softball with younger players in his role as head softball coach at East Marshall High School. With Jary’s guidance and experience, the team finished fourth in the state this year.

    For the future, Jary wants to continue working toward walking without a limp and living as pain-free as possible. If he can walk without anyone noticing that he has a prosthetic leg, he will have achieved his goal.

    “Clark and Associates, with their knowledge and help, have made my life full of comfort and joy,” Jary said. “Walking without pain, walking without a limp, and being able to do things with little or no challenge is what Clark and Associates have done for me.”