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    Carol Bockenstedt

    Carol Bockenstedt



    Carol’s story began with having five toes on her left foot removed because the wounds weren’t healing properly. After being diagnosed with having peripheral artery disease, she was told that she had to have her leg amputated.

    On December 5, 2016, Carol awakened following surgery to find her leg and foot were amputated below the knee. Her wound healed very well and then she asked her orthopedic surgeon for recommendations on where to go to get fitted for her new leg. Of course, he said she come to Clark & Associates.

    Following physical therapy, after she received her new prosthetic, Carol reached new challenges. Like finding new ways of doing everyday tasks such as getting dressed, sweeping floors, fixing meals and taking showers. She was still able to accomplish most things, it just took her a  little longer as she would tire easier.

    Carol went on to share that she would often need to give herself a ‘pep talk’ and even a ‘prayer’ as she would get a little down. Her husband was there through it all and he continues to love her even more today. Her family and friends have continued to support her with their strength and prayers, which she says “I cherish greatly.”

    Carol’s first experience with Clark & Associates was with Tina, who set appointments as well as her many other duties. She said, “Her kindness and encouragement meant a lot to me.”

    And then there is Andy. She added, “He measured and fit me with my first prosthesis. I remember the first time I stood up and then began to take my first steps. It was a very empowering experience! So much so, I teared up.”

    Carol also worked with Pat for adjustments and he was great about answering all of her questions. He was also the person who put Carol in touch with the monthly support group which she thoroughly enjoys.

    “I have worked with Ken, getting my active prosthesis,” added Carol. “Ken is such a wealth of information about changes and adjustments, etc. of which I have learned it is part of the process.”

    Carol’s first activity was to get on the John Deere mower and cut the grass. She drives herself where she wants and/or needs to go. She also wanted to be better at negotiating uneven ground and hanging out the laundry, which now she can do. Some of her future goals are to be more comfortable in crowd situations, perhaps go to a Hawkeye football or Chicago Bears game. She added, “I want to go fishing too!”

    Clark & Associates is so proud of Carol as she is ready to help encourage others who are faced with this new way of life and its challenges, adding in her words, “for challenges and goals are what makes a person strong and live a fuller life.”

    Carol is full of life and continues to share her determination and energy where ever she goes. We at Clark & Associates will always be by her side!!