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    February 2016 Newsletter

    Clark & Associates | February 1st, 2016

    February 2016

    Love is in the Air

    February is naturally a love-filled month, with it all culminating on Valentine’s Day on the 14th. However, there is more than just the love you have for significant other that can be expressed this month.

    It has been said that loving yourself is the first step in being able to love others, but we too often forget that we are unique and amazing people. We can get so focused on the attributes and behaviors of others and what we love about them that “self-love” gets put on the back burner. At Clark & Associates, we are big believers in loving and believing in yourself. It’s what helps many of our patients get through the tough times in their lives and come out with a positive outlook.

    So yes, love your husband, your wife, your family and friends, but don’t forget to show yourself a little affection as well.

    We’ve compiled some great information and a great story for you this month: 


    Mark your calendar for this month’s Amputee Support Group meeting!

    • 2/16 – Limb Connection Amputee Support Group Meeting, 2:00 p.m. at Covenant Cafeteria
    • 2/26 – Younker Re-hab Continuing Education In-service at Methodist Hospital Des Moines

    Patient/Employee Spotlight: Steve Husome

    The Journey from Patient to C&A Director of Operations

    Steve HusomeFall in Iowa is beautiful, and for Steve Husome, this was the perfect time to get on the Harley and enjoy the Iowa countryside, but this particular fall ride in 2014 would change his life forever, altering his physical appearance, lifestyle, and even his career path.

    Going 50 miles per hour on Iowa Highway 175 near Morrison, Steve collided with a 2002 Peterbilt truck-tractor pulling a grain trailer.  After the initial impact, Steve was dragged under the vehicle with both legs trapped under the weight of his bike and the dual drive wheels of the tractor.  He was airlifted to Covenant Medical Center in Waterloo where he faced many surgeries and a long recovery.

    After several surgeries, Steve was faced with the difficult decision of whether to amputate his right leg below the knee or try to save his leg through years of surgeries to repair tissues, nerves, and bones with no guarantee that it would work.  In the end, Steve made the decision to amputate because it would allow him to return to his active lifestyle sooner and with fewer visits to the operating room.

    After amputation, Steve struggled to return to his normal activity level because his supporting leg was severely damaged in the accident and still required surgery to repair torn ligaments.  Following reconstructive surgery, knee replacement and therapy, Steve was finally able to walk without the use of an assistive device.

    During recovery, Clark and Associates’ Andy Steele, CPO worked closely with Steve and continues to help him reach his lifestyle goals as a new amputee.  In fact, Steve enjoyed working with the team at Clark and Associates so much that he chose to join the team as the new Director of Operations.

    steve husome“The quality and attention I received as a patient is part of the culture established by the ownership and executed every day by
    the employees,” described Steve. “I have managed operations from large corporations to small family-owned companies, and I can already tell from a few short days that this will be a great fit for me.”

    At Clark and Associates, Steve is responsible for all business and operation functions for all Iowa locations.  His operational responsibilities include planning and budgeting, controlling, marketing and sales, staff hiring and evaluations, job assignments and quality assurance.

    In his spare time, Steve enjoys biking, playing golf and boating.  He and his wife Jeannette have been married for 31 years and have two grown children, Allison and Austin, and two grandsons, Walter (2) and Rory (1 week).  During hockey season, you’ll find Steve announcing goals and penalties for the Waterloo Black Hawks, and during RAGRAI, you better believe you’ll see Steve out on the road for the long 419-mile trek across Iowa!

    Amputee Tips & Tricks

    Tips and Tricks

    Over the next several months we will be presenting a series focused on tips and tricks for successful use of a prosthesis.  The prosthetists at Clark and Associates have collaborated in an effort to present a collection of helpful information that can be utilized by amputees.  We hope you find this series both interesting and useful.

    Liner Care:

    In our second installment of Tips and Tricks, our Prosthetists discuss the importance of liner care and the steps that can be taken to best increase the wear life of liners.

    For those who wear liners, it is very important to always have a pair for each residual limb.  We recommend that you alternate the liners every day to permit them to maintain their elasticity and shape, and to ensure that they dry out completely before you put them back on.  Liners should be cleaned daily with the side that touches the skin turned IN, using the following process:

    1. Wash the liners with hot water and antibacterial soap, shaking the water-soap mixture inside the liner for 30 seconds. Do not scrub the liner, as this may roughen the surface of the liner, which may irritate your skin.
    2. Dump the mixture out of the liner and rinse again with hot water until no soap remains (at least 3 times).
    3. You may dry the gel with a clean, lint-free cloth.
    4. If applicable, place the liner on a drying stand – Make certain the gel is turned back to the inside (fabric side out)
    5. Once a week, after rinsing the liner, apply isopropyl rubbing alcohol to the inside of the liner and rinse with hot water. Follow the drying steps covered in points 3 and 4 above.

    Ask the Clinician: Dennis Clark, CPO

    dennis clark, cpo

    Dennis Clark, CPO, Founder, President

    Q:  Dennis, can you share your vision of how Clark & Associates works with their patients?

    A: At Clark & Associates our entire staff is in place to help you with your orthotic and prosthetic care. We are focused on your abilities, your needs and your goals, as we understand no two patients are the same. Working with you, we will strive to improve and restore your function with the ultimate goal of improving your health. Our locally owned, family-centered practice prides itself in our sense of urgency to fit every patient in the most appropriate technology, in a timely manner, without compromising the quality of care. With seven office locations throughout the state of Iowa, our patients are able to obtain all of their prosthetic or orthotic care close to home. We at Clark & Associates are proud of our strong history and look forward to providing our patients the best possible outcomes for years to come.